Advantages of Staying Away From Substance Abuse During Teen Years

Now a days companies prefer to hire the people based on various factors. Most of the employees are the teenagers and this age is more prone to drug addiction in terms of smoking, etc. One of the factors that play a key role to help getting a good job is passing a drug test. There are different types of drug testing methods available viz; Blood testing, Saliva drug test, Urine drug test and Hair follicle drug test.

How to pass a urine drug test

To pass a drug test few things are very important which need to be taken into consideration. The result of a drug test depends on how much quantity of the drug has been consumed. It also depends on the time span that from how long the drug is being consumed like period in days, weeks, months or years.

There are many products which are available in the market that prove to be helpful on how to pass drug test. There are many ways of passing a drug test like Urine sample dilution, Flushing, Masking, Adding Adulterants to or manipulating the Urine sample. Common salt, chlorine bleach, eye drops and vinegar are few household options that may help in giving the ‘false negative’ test.

Fake penis to pass drug test

Many a times it does happen that in a very short notice we get to know that we have to undergo a drug detection test by Urinalysis method. Ideally a person should avoid smoking around a week before the test, but because it is a very sudden intimation a person can play around with using a fake urine sample. We all have different types of friends. Amongst them we have a few friends who do not smoke. Such friends can prove to be helpful by becoming a source of clean urine sample for testing. The person needs to take care of a few things while using this trick to pass a urine drug test. Two things are very important in this – a clean sample and the required temperature. The temperature of the urine sample can be worked out by preserving this urine sample in a container and keeping it on to defrost in order to help keep high temperature.

How to pass a drug test in 2 days

The best way to pass a drug test is just drink lots of water and urinate as much as possible this will give a diluted sample. Taking vitamins like B-2 or B-12 also are helpful as these turn the color of urine to yellow.

How to pass a hair follicle drug test

Apart from Urinalysis there is one more popular way of detecting drugs. It is known as a hair follicle drug test. It is very easy to pass this test as a person just needs to shave the entire body before the test. The person just needs to stop consuming drugs around a month before the test because the metabolites of the drugs get deposited in the hair follicles. Also, once shaved the newly grown hair is clean as the it takes around a week for the drug affected hair to grow. There are many Detox Shampoos available in the market which help to free your hair and to much extent your hair follicles from drugs.