Steps That Can Help You Pass Hair Drug Test

Hair follicle drug test is perhaps the most difficult among all types of drug tests. Learning about the steps that can help beat a drug test on hair follicle could come up very handy for the prospective candidate for drug test.


By Deadspin
By Deadspin

There are different types of drug tests that are carried out by the labs on the employees those are either newly employed or looking for a job. These drug tests are usually carried out at the instance of the employer or prospective employer. Drug tests could be urine tests, blood tests, saliva test, fingernail based drug tests, or hair follicle drug test. The last one is most difficult passing out but there are certain ways to pass a drug test with ease and convenience.


Beating a Drug Test

The most important and desired objective of candidates facing drug tests is to learn how to beat a drug test. Many candidates might also face such tests at very short notices that give them only 2-3 days or at best a week’s time. In either case, whether it is a drug test that gives enough time to the candidate or is carried out in short notices, beating a drug test will be possible only when a few innovative steps are taken.


Steps One Should Take

Here are a few steps that would conveniently answer the question how to pass a hair sample drug test.

  • Excuses are no good for the candidate. Despite the fact that there could be mistakes in the lab tests conducted it is always very difficult challenging any positive drug test result. Especially when the positive results are confirmed using GCMS process the chances of generating false positives is near null.
  • Thus one cannot take the excuse of passive smoking of objectionable drugs like marijuana or getting them into blood stream, urine, saliva, or hair follicle due to use of medications containing them unless the use is supported by the prescription issued by a registered medical practitioner as part of some treatment. Positive results of 50ng/ml will be problematic for the candidate.
  • One of the steps would be washing oneself out completely to remove drug traces from the anatomy. Home remedies like use of excess fluids and vinegar to wash head could backfire as they can hardly remove all traces of drugs from the anatomy. Experience shows that they have only been partially successful in the endeavor in the past.
  • Instead; the best way of passing a drug test or the answer to the question is how to pass a hair follicle drug test is by discontinuing drug use and using high quality detoxifying products to detoxify the anatomic system.


Best Quality Products

If the question of the candidate is how to pass a drug test in 2 days then again the answer is only high quality detoxifying products can help mask the drug traces in the body. Some of the best quality products are Supreme Klean Utra Detox Drinks, Supreme Klean Ultra Detox Mouth Wash, one hour flush capsules, 7-day complete detox kit, and before that prospective candidate can use 1-panel or 6-panel drug test kit for determining the status.


Discontinuance of drug consumption and using best detox products from reliable and reputable provider is the best way to beat a drug test.