What Does It Take Beating Drug Screening

If you have a drug test tomorrow or if you have a drug screening one week down the calendar or if you have to face with surprise drug tests often, you are on the right page. But if you already know what it takes to beating drug screening and have passed a lot of tests, then maybe this isn’t the right page because this is a basic insight for people who have failed or are yet to be tested. So what are they testing when the authorities haunt you with those words “You need to appear for a drug test.” They make it sound like it is plain simple and the consequences can’t be harsh. But only you know what’s at stake and what’s in store. It is not hard for those authorities to fire you but it is tough for you to even think of losing the job. Don’t get scared already. I am just stating facts. So what actually does a drug screening process involve?

1. Urinalysis test: You will be asked to urinate on the venue during the time of your drug test. This sample will be sent to the laboratory to check for traces of drugs. Beating drug screening is many a times beating the urinalysis test. You can’t plan to mask the urine sample – they will detect traces of the chemicals you have used. You can’t use niacin either because niacin is also detectable. You can’t think of diluting it because you will automatically reduce the creatinine level which will make it easily detectable. So what can you do? You can drink water as much as you can before your drug test. You can accompany the same with cranberry juice if you like. You can buy a 24 hour detox drink and feel completely safe after that given the fact that you don’t smoke for those 24 hours. Or you can take your friend’s sample and get caught for the simple fact that he had a kidney disease. Or you can be wise to carry synthetic urine if you don’t have time for getting those detox drinks. Beating drug screening doesn’t take much – it just needs you to be a little wise. More information here

2. Oral fluid test: Your saliva will be tested in the laboratory but the best thing about saliva is drug traces don’t remain for a long time in the saliva. If you want to be 100% sure about yourself, you can buy yourself a detox mouthwash which is very effective in removing every trace of drug.

3. Hair follicle test: Hair strands keep traces of drugs for a long time. So if you are headed for a hair follicle test, either buy yourself a detox shampoo or if you have enough time in hand for you to completely quit smoking, then do it as soon as possible. You can also buy for yourself the total cleanser kits.

Even if you are having a saliva drug test, there are products to make you beat the test easily! Beating drug screening is possible – There’s nothing as such you need to worry about.

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