How to Pass a Hair Drug Test That is Usually Accurate

One of the forms of drug tests administered on a person and that is considered to be highly accurate, is the hair drug test. Therefore it becomes a challenge for those facing the test and it would be good learning how to pass a hair drug test.

According to the experts, one drug test that gives most accurate results among all is the hair drug test. Thus it becomes a big challenge for those facing the prospects of such drug tests and the pertinent question for the prospective candidate is how to pass a hair drug test.

Hair Drug Test Results

Main features of the hair drug detection are as follows.

  • It can easily find out traces of prescription drugs as well as drug abuses.
  • Drug detection time may vary for 90 days to over a few years.
  • Detection time will depend on the length of the hair and its types.

Growing Trend In Companies

Growing trend in the companies is hair drug detection because of its accuracy and they usually put the new and prospective employees to such tests. Hair drug test has gold standard in terms of accuracy and they are universally admitted by the law enforcement authorities as well as the courts. That is why their popularity and demands are consistently on the rise and easily surpasses the popularity of any other types of tests like the oral drug tests.

How Hair Drug Test is Conducted Usually the hair drug tests are conducted in the following manner.

  1. Radioimmunoassay technologies are commonplace in hair drug tests.
  2. While radioimmunoassay is the primary detection method the results are put to test and confirmed using mass spectrometry.
  3. Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) of 1988 regulates the hair drug testing laboratories.

Why Hair Drug Test is Unique

Ordinarily the test is carried out to detect the common drug abuse but they can also detect others like the prescription drugs as well as the over the counter drugs. But the unique feature of the drug test is that the detector may come to know the length of drug abuse by the person concerned. A small sample of body hair can help the test conducted but the usual process is taking 150 hair strands that are 1-1and1/2 inches long proximate to the scalp.

Divergent Nomenclature & Problems

Hair drug test is known by various names in the medical circles like the hair analysis test, hair sample test, hair strand test, forensic analysis of hair, drug screening of hair, and as hair follicle test. In recent times there have been several law suits against the tests and many of them have also been successful. The answers to the question relating to passing hair drug test therefore is a bit different from answers to common questions like how to pass oral drug test where the answers could be straightforward and simpler.

In hair drug tests, false positive results are also common because of wrong identification of products attached to the hair as drug particles. Use of regular drugs or skin types of the person can result in false positives and therefore the testing physician or pharmacists have to be extremely careful while conducting the test. Some people might consider using home remedies for getting out of the problem but such home remedies can never substitute genuine products like Ultra Klean or Supreme Klean Detox.